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Overdraft Protection & Courtesy Pay

Ever had a moment where you may have spent a little more than you thought? Ever look at your online banking and see that you don't have enough in the account to cover that large, unexpected cost? That's why we offer our members Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay!

Overdraft Protection

With Overdraft Protection, it's easy to make sure that you can use the money from your other accounts with us automatically when you may have spent a bit more than you had in checking. Overdraft Protection will pull any funds needed to pay for the transaction from any of your Checking or Savings accounts with us that you designate, which may be less expensive than other overdraft options. You can even have multiple accounts set up, so if one account can't cover it, you have a backup. Once you set up overdraft protection and choose your priority accounts with your representative, this all becomes automatic. There's nothing required on your part to complete the transaction. We will take care of it for you!

Please refer to our Fee Schedule for fees associated with Overdraft Protection.

Courtesy Pay

If you qualify for our Courtesy Pay program, we may provide you with check, ACH, and EFT overdraft protection. If we agree to provide this service to you, we will pay your checks, EFTs, and ACHs drawn on your account when there are insufficient funds available. Our Courtesy Pay program allows you to overdraft your account up to a set limit of either $300 or $700. This program will not apply to ATM transactions or non-recurring debit card transactions unless you notify the credit union that you would like to opt for coverage of such transactions. If you use this program, we will notify you of the amount paid, including the fee per transaction. You will have 30 days for the amount paid and fees.

Have opted in for Debit Card Overdraft Protection? It's easy. Just click here to start the form online!

Please refer to our Fee Schedule for fees associated with Courtesy Pay and Debit Card Overdraft Protection.


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