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Savings & Club Accounts

Greater Kentucky Credit Union Savings Accounts

We always encourage our members to save what you can for your future or any unexpected expenses. Having that extra cushion for emergencies can really make a big difference if anything were to come up that you haven't budgeted for. We make it even easier to save now with Payroll Deposits and Automated Transfers. This way, you can schedule transfers to savings without having to think about it!

Think you could use an account to save up for a planned purpose like Vacation or Christmas? We can do that too.

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Regular Savings

Every member has a Regular Savings Account. Depositing $10 into this savings represents your share of ownership in Greater Kentucky Credit Union, which entitles you to take advantage of any of our accounts and services. You can also earn competitive quarterly dividends.

Club Accounts

Open a Christmas Club and Get Ahead of Holiday Spending!

Does Christmas sneak up on you (and your wallet!) every year? Well why not get ahead of the game! With a $10 opening deposit, you could start savings year round for the upcoming, year end expense. We make it easy to save with the Direct Deposit capabilities or regular Payroll Deductions. The Christmas Club can also be opened up at any time of the year!

Ready for Your Next Vacation? Open a Vacation Club and Start Saving Today!

Have you been dreaming of the perfect Summer getaway? Maybe you'd rather have a nice week in Fall to enjoy the brisk air and falling leaves! Whatever vacation you're daydreaming of, we can help you save. This account can also be opened at any time of the year with a $10 deposit. Set up Direct Deposit or Payroll Deductions for easy saving and watch your Club Account grow!

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Please see our Truth in Savings Disclosure and Fee Schedule for details.

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